Most of the content at Stand & Kneel will focus on tackling issues within or society and the various cultural movements that dictate how we should act and carry ourselves as individuals. Not only are we concerned about the issues and movements that are going on around us (as we should remain aware of such movements), but more importantly how we should respond as followers of Christ.

So often we are out and about living our everyday lives, and will encounter something that presents a challenge to either act, ignore, show empathy, love, or simply speak out about the matter at hand.

This is where you will find the content listed under a broader category so that you can easily reference and find the article you want to review. Listed below are the story links under each category theme. Other themes will be added from time to time as we build on our content.

Protests & Activism: How Should We as Believers Respond to the Cultural Wars.

12.16.19 In The Bigger Picture, Chick-fil-A is Not The Enemy


Jesus at Christmas

12.20.19 Why We Need Jesus This Christmas

12.21.19 What Was Different About Jesus

12.21.19 The Many Names of A Baby That Would Be King

12.22.19 His Name is Jesus, but His Title is Lord.

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