In August 2016, a movement began that would create a national controversy. NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a stand against what he described as police brutality and racism towards black people. Though many supported his views, many more were outraged regarding the vehicle in which he chose to make his voice heard. When the national anthem began playing, as it had for decades at the beginning of an NFL game, instead of standing and facing the flag with respect and reverence, Kaepernick chose to take one knee!

Many were outraged by this act. Veterans and patriotic fans alike were seething over what they considered despicable behavior. Others that supported his reasoning and right to protest applauded his courage and conviction. So which is right and which is wrong? Can there be an absolute right or wrong in this case? What side would you take?

I can tell you without hesitation that I was on the side that found it despicable. Though I absolutely support his right to express himself, and the right assemble and protest wrongdoing as a means to raise awareness and bring about change, I held firm that this was the wrong venue and certainly the wrong way to go about it. (We will cover this issue in greater detail along the way).

But so many things about this act got me thinking…

1. What creates such a strong conviction in people when so many seem to have none?

2. Why do people choose to act in taking a stand either for or against an issue or view?

3. What is honor and why is it important?

4. How does God factor into these decisions?

5. What is faith? What does it look like? What causes it to act?

6. Is protesting important in our republic? Why does one chose to protest? Does it make a difference?

7. Why is there such a great divide in our country amongst our people?

8. Why do politics and political controversies dominate news?

Then, I began thinking of these matters in terms of my own worldview, a follower of Christ whom believes in his Lordship and my need for a Savior, who is an American that loves his country, believes in its sovereignty, believes in the traditional family, and finally believes that everything within my belief system must be tested through the authentic Word of God. So, questions began to form as a result of this…

1. Who is God?

2. Why do we need a Savior?

3. Is there evidence of an historic Jesus?

4. Has he called us to honor Him as Lord?

5. What impact does He have on my life?

6. What am I called to do knowing all of this?

7. Was God’s divine presence involved in forming our nation?

8. Does God protect our nation? Or has our nation turned it’s back on Him?

9. Why is the term “Christianity” a somewhat dubious, watered-down term?

10. Is there a cultural and spiritual battle going on in our nation?

11. How should we respond to it?

12. If Christians are suppose to be united under God, why is their such division and discourse?

13. Is the ‘Woke’ ‘SJW’ and ‘PC’ movements of the day something we should be involved in or pay no attention to?

14. Why are some issues important to believers, while others are not?

15. Do Christians only care about their own people? Are they hypocrites?

This is merely a small sample of the issues we will be covering at Stand & Kneel.

Stand & Kneel is about tackling the issues of what is important in America, in the Christian life, in secular society, and, yes, sometimes the political realm. But what we will not do is get deeply involved in party politics. We will discuss our leaders and their actions and behaviors.

Stand & Kneel is about what each of us stand for as Americans. But the issues will be tackled from my own worldview, as I must be true to myself first.

Stand & Kneel is about movements in our culture, how they start, what is their purpose, and analysis that challenges us to think about the issue in a way that maybe has not been considered.

Stand & Kneel is about uncovering the people around us hiding in plain sight that have a servant’s heart and use it to do something extraordinary.

Stand & Kneel, when it’s all said and done, is about bringing glory to the One and Only God of our salvation: Jesus Christ our Lord.

Let’s build something together.