Are We Justified in Supporting Donald J. Trump?

(This is the second of two articles making The Case Against Christianity Today, an editorial response to retired Editor-In-Chief Mark Galli’s controversial article entitled Trump Should be Removed From Office, 12.19.19)

To the many evangelicals who continue to support Mr. Trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this: Remember who you are and whom you serve. Consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior. Consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump’s immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency. 

Mark Galli, Trump Should be Removed From Office, 12.19.19

Since rising up in the Republican primaries in 2016, Donald J. Trump has been a lightening rod of controversy. This is primarily due to his bombastic statements and rather colorful language. Many have described it as unbecoming of a president. Certainly, the president has brought much of the criticism upon himself when speaking about other decorated leaders. The overwhelming favorite adjective applied to Trump is narcissistic.

But as believers, when we chose a president, and subsequently support a president in his daily duties, it is not the sort of relationship that is most heavily scrutinized in the Bible. In other words, I’m not marrying the president. I won’t be having him over to babysit my children. And I probably won’t be going to dinner with him, nor reclining with him afterwards to discuss his photo shoot with Playboy and subsequent visit with Hugh Hefner over cigars & brandies.

No. Donald J. Trump is the leader of the free world, from a diplomatic standpoint. But domestically, his job is outlined to perform very specific duties, while maintaining a high-level of integrity in his day-to-day handling of his job, especially the most classified of secrets within our government.

So as a follower of Christ, I answer to God about my character and behavior. And I certainly want that from the person holding the highest office in the land. But in order to answer the question “Are we justified in supporting the president?”, we must clearly look at the larger picture while breaking down the components of his job. Then, take into consideration our role in the democratic process. Here are some thoughts to consider along those lines:

    The issues that he stands for are issues that are most important to believing Americans, as many defend our rights as believers.
    Though he may use colorful language, he is an orator of Godly ideals.
    Though he may have sin that is obvious from his past, we must judge those things in present time.
    You can’t impeach him just because you don’t like him.

First off, Trump represents the two issues that are at the top of every believers list, and if they are not they should be: defense of the unborn and upholding religious freedom.

Trump has spoke eloquently about the God of the Bible and backed it up with his legislative actions.

Donald J. Trump has been rumored to have slept with prostitutes, have been promiscuous, and possibly been involved in other immoral behavior. But in his nearly four years in office, when as he demonstrated those behaviors in his personal life? Are we not violating our own belief if we are to judge him on past sin? Could we not do the same with the Apostle Paul?

Finally, the rules for impeachment have not been adhered to from the beginning. It’s clear from the voting in the house there has been a partisan effort in place to remove him. Also, when one issue to impeach falls apart, they present another issue.

One thing our president has done is ruffle the feathers of some very powerful people in Washington

Living in a representative republic, as we do in America, we must include ourselves in the process, if we do still have a say in the matter. God has spoken through his Word that we should “give back to Caesar what is Caeser’s” (Matt 22:21). We also know that we should ” be subject to governing authorities.” (Rom 13:1). But, understand, there was no such government on earth like the United States of America in biblical times. Not even 300 years ago! So what other guidance does God’s Word give us when handling an issue as unique as this one?

It goes back to the heart of believer and what our personal duties are to God as Lord and Savior. And that requires that we look at our own hearts first. But it also means that our decisions are a combination of searching the Word, but also allowing the Holy Spirit to search our hearts. This is the area in which Mark Galli violates God’s law in telling us to dismiss a sitting president. He’s ignoring the personal work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life to help them make the right decisions. He’s also violating the supernatural work of God.

God chooses to work through his people. Therefore, God has allowed Donald J. Trump to be in command of this nation. It’s a serious accusation to say that a president must be removed. But in this case, not only is Mark Galli ignoring the fact that this decision is partisan, and does not necessarily abide by the laws of our own land, but he has in fact disregarded the one foundational principle that holds our entire belief system together- our personal relationship with Jesus.

Mark Galli and Christianity Today are in contempt by tying a personal decision to support the president as evidence to our lack of belief. This is not acceptable!

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