About the Author

I’m very blessed to be part of a loving family. And I’m ever so grateful to have found my Savior (more like He found me). And I’m fortunate to have been born and lived in the greatest country on earth – America. So it should come as no surprise that these things represent the foundation of my writing. Family. Faith. Country. But as each of these iconic ideals has undergone changes (and not always for the better), I’ve felt compelled to share my thoughts about each and the issues surrounding them more and more each day.

Since my early adult years, I’ve had a passion for writing. It began as a way to simply express myself, but gradually became an outgrowth of developing strong opinions and beliefs. So I started writing “letters to the editor” of newspapers before the days of the internet. As technology rapidly expanded, I found many more outlets to share, as well as continuing to develop the art of writing.

But writing had merely been a hobby for the majority of my working life. I made my living and provided for my family through operating businesses for small, medium, and large companies. My greatest success was in the hospitality business, where I spent 25+ years of my work life. I had the privilege of meeting and working with many very smart and fascinating people along the way.

However, my health became a roadblock for my business career. And eventually I had to make a change due to health and physical challenges. Where one door closes, another opens. I was now able to dedicate my time to writing.

Since that time, Ive made new friends and authored many articles. Now I’m at the beginning of a lifelong journey. Many new challenges lie ahead for me. This is just another small step towards a career that will hopefully take me to much greater heights. I hope you will join me on this journey. If there is one thing I hope to accomplish in this pursuit, it is to touch the hearts of my readers through inspiration and honesty, but also through challenging each to critically think about those topics in which I share.

May our Lord bless you in whatever you choose to do. And may it be pleasing to Him.


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